Friday, February 15, 2013

Greetings Everyone!
We are back and open and ready to rock and roll.
Our time off was wonderful, we got to spend time with family and relax a bit.  Alan started trucking, hauling fuel.
The opening of the lodge went well, no major issues, pretty darn great bunch of guys that we had working to help us open.
Thank you to Vern and Josh for helping haul all our stuff around,
Rabbit and Todd for mechanical and grooming support,
Don and Scott for hauling all our crap back to the lodge and then helping around here to make things look great.
And of course the new guy, Sean, who is going to work with us/for us until we close again next fall.
We have been getting a ton of snow, every day and every day.
A good day is when the wind is not blowing (which would be today)!
We got about 6 inches last night alone, that is not counting the 5 feet or more that we came back to.
Our first weekend back Maclaren River Lodge was a checkpoint and 8 hour layover for the Denali Doubles Sled Dog Race. 
The "Lodge" dogs are very happy to be home!
Jackson has his normal place by the Hearth, where he enjoys the warmth of the fire. 
Bandit is in his "working" mode of escorting snow machines around the yard and making sure that pesky fox stays away!

And our new little guy, Koda.  Border Collie/mini Aussie. He is just too cute to resist! 
We hope to see everyone soon! 
Susie & Alan

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