Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cold Thanksgiving

The temperatures are finally beginning to climb a bit.  When I came in the lodge this morning, it was already up to -7.  We are supposed to get a warming trend by Wednesday with a possible 40 degree rise in temperatures.......Yah, right!  If that happens we certainly hope we get a lot of snow with that!
                                                  Jackson on his -22 degree walk

                                                              Megan enjoying the winter

                                                          Frosty Bandit

Thanksgiving was pretty quiet, well at -30 we did not really expect a lot of folks to show.  Friday the temperatures here were clear up to +10 then dropped drastically back to -22 where it stayed until last night.  At least I will not have to cook for the next week (or two) because of all the leftovers. 

Alan has the trail groomed from Tangle Lakes to Maclaren, all those nasty wind drifts are gone now.


Friday, November 18, 2011

News from Maclaren

Sitting here in the Lodge, looking at the mountains glowing pink with the sunrise.  It is not windy today which is a good thing today since it is -30!  We rode in last night from Paxson and the "trail" is back to bare pavement from the wind.  Once we got past Tangle Lakes there was snow on the trail, however the drifts became a challenge.  Alan will be out grooming tomorrow to smooth out the trail and you can get fresh trail reports on the Denali Highway Trail Club facebook page. 
I just spent 15 days in West Virginia and went from +70 to -30, burrrrrr!  Only a 100 degree temperature change!  But from seeing the temps from around the state, we are apparently lucky it is not -54 like in Manley Hot Springs or -49 like in North Pole!