Saturday, October 20, 2012

Closing For a Break

Well the time has arrived for us to be closing down for a couple of months.
The winter sunrises are beautiful, as always. The new snow quiets and smooths the landscape. 
This has been quiet a challenge for us since this has never been attempted before.  Things you have to think about!  Besides the main things like blowing out water lines, setting up a Caretakers Cottage, Packing what stuff you will need for a couple of months....There is the make sure everything is off the floor incase rodents get in..make sure no canned or bottled goods are left behind or they will explode (includes beer and wine).  Down to the little mayo packets on the tables, freezing will seperate mayo and it cannot be used afterward.  Cleaning supplies, tons of them in spray cans!  Make sure all the sheets and blankets are washed and put up.  Having all the wood hauled in, cut up and stacked for the reopening in February. 
Everything you would do to close your house only Quadrupled!!!!
As most everyone already knows, our email has changed to:
and our phone number has changed to:
(907) 269-4370
While we are out, we will be house sitting a place in Fairbanks.
Alan will be back in a truck for a couple of months and I will be working on the computer and keeping in touch with everyone. 
While in Fairbanks our phone number will be
(907) 322-6632 
When we reopen in February for the Denali Doubles Sled Dog Race.