Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring has finally sprung here in the Maclaren Valley.  There are birds everywhere, with no place to go.  Water fowl have no water to float in, the willows are just beginning to show out of the mass amount of snow we have. 
The Cliff Swallows have arrived and are busy trying to find some muddy spots to collect mud for their nest making.

The Denali Highway is still closed, but the Cantwell Road Crew made it here yesterday evening for dinner.  One lane is now open to Cantwell. (HOORAH Cantwell Crew) The Paxson side, well, only at 28 Mile. 
We are thinking it will be another week before the Denali Highway is "open" since the Maclaren Summit can be a real challenge with the drifting and avalanche areas. 

The Maclaren River is not open yet.  Very late this year!
Memorial Day is usually the time of the Annual Polar Plunge in the River.  I suppose if you wanted to go roll around in the melting snow you could....somehow, just not the same as the Plunge!
We are missing all the "Gang" that gathers here for the Memorial Day Weekend.  The Blakes/Nichols Family, Kamps and Jacksons, the KMA Fam, Joni, Ryan, Jesse, Wiley...miss ya'll! 

Late riding on the Maclaren

Majestic Mountains!
We have had to cancel a few reservations, for Camping at the Glacier Camp, HA, can you imagine the surprise they would have!  Well if we could even get them there. 
Not to mention the bicyclists, motor cycles, tour buses and the list goes on.
We did get some snowmachiners this weekend!
 The Maclaren Crew this year
Returning from their adventures in the Southern Pacific: Krista and DeSay Howell
Returning from Life Adventures:  Casey Sullivan
Staying for the Summer Season:  Sean Isaacks
And your Hosts:   Susie & Alan