Sunday, September 29, 2013

My goodness how time does fly.  It seems like we just started the summer and here it is, fall already.
The leaves are off the trees, the air defineatly has a bite to it, the sound of swans congregating in the lakes to begin their flight south.  And then a expectant quiet falls across the Maclaren Valley, as if everything is holding it's breath for the first snow. 

Only in the fall do we get sunrises like this one! 

We had a busy summer and we all worked hard and had some great times!  Thank you to Sean, Casey, Krista and DeSay for making the summer roll along smoothly!  Everyone is off on their new adventures. 

As for us, we are headed to WV for a few weeks.  Then will be in Fairbanks...opening back up in February. 

See ya'll down the road.
Susie & Alan