Sunday, September 23, 2012


The season is winding down quickly.  Hunting season is over and hopefully the terrible wind storms and more rain are done for a bit.  The flooding did very little if any damage.  The roof has been put back on the Fox Den between wind storms!
All the staff is leaving this week.  Belynda heads out next weekend.
Bre and Meg head to Anchorage on Thursday, from there they are going to check Hawaii (Maui) out.  Who knows where they will go from there?
They have scrubbed the lodge down from top to bottom, all the rooms and cabins have been "super" cleaned and things are ready to pack up.  
Our new Caretaker, Matt will arrive this weekend. 
October will be a work month.  Our firewood has been delivered and the buildings need to be shut down one by one.  Winter clean up of the property, prepare snowmachines, leaving everything set up for the reopening the 1st part of Feb.
We will still be on line, just like always, and will be taking reservations for this spring and next summer.  The phone number will be transfered to our cell phone so we will always be in touch!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall has arrived in the Maclaren Valley

Along with hunting season and the horses!

And Alan now is a Sport Pilot
His pride and joy!
The season is winding down quickly around here.  Hunting season is in full swing, hunters everywhere!  It is great to see so many friends again.  the weather has been a bit on the chilly side, and rainy.  Today it is clearing and looking like a beautiful day!
Wow the summer went fast!  Thank you to our Great Staff for a job well done!
Just a couple of more weeks and the season will wind down and each will go their own way.  But they will always have this experience of working the summer at Maclaren River Lodge! 
This year, we will be closing down the lodge for the "slow" months.
November, December and January.  We will have a caretaker here to cover everything.  Matt is a wonderful and very capable person...after working the summer season is looking forward to some solitude! 
We will still be around...and keeping everyone up to date.
Susie & Alan